Own One of These Cheap, Extremely Common Watches?

We might suggest turning yourself into the FBI, at once. You are a terrorist.

We might suggest turning yourself into the FBI, at once because you are likely to be a terrorist. As the Guardian wrote about one leaked State Dept. cable,

Briefing documents used to train staff in assessing the threat level of new detainees advise that possession of the F-91W - available online for as little as £4 - suggests the wearer has been trained in bomb making by al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

The report states: "The Casio was known to be given to the students at al-Qaida bomb-making training courses in Afghanistan at which the students received instruction in the preparation of timing devices using the watch.

According to a now-deleted Wikipedia article:

Because of its claimed use in terrorism, possession of a Casio watch, often a Casio F91W, was listed in Guantanamo Bay Combatant Status Review Tribunal reports and other government documents as a reason for these detainees’ continued detention.

An improvised timer for a time bomb captured in the early 2000s. Via Wikipedia

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