Obama's Team Shames Congress's Climate Change Deniers One by One

This video, which was just released to 20 million people, calls out Congress's most anti-science assholes.

Apr 25 2013, 5:30pm

Organizing for Action is Obama's chief 'grassroots' network; it's the group that ran his election and re-election campaigns, and it has over 20 million members. And it just called out all of Congress's top global warming deniers by name.

OFA has primed the above video for virality: one by one, it shames the dumbest Republican climate deniers. And they are legion—you'd have to march back through the ages to find a Congress more anti-science than this one.

This, frankly, is long overdue. The Tea Party is over; the buffoons in Congress shouldn't be able to get away with denying basic-ass science anymore. Sorry, fellas, the greenhouse effect is real. So is evolution. Deal with it.