Syrian Rebels' DIY 'Hell's Cannon' Looks Like an Exploding Turkey Deep Fryer

Yet another desperately inventive weapon forged in the Free Syrian Army's scrap-metal workshops.

Jul 29 2014, 3:12pm

Another day, another desperately inventive killing machine forged in the DIY weapons workshops of the Free Syrian Army. The rebels have already mastered the art of self-styled robot machine guns and remote-controlled, explosive-laden cars. Now they can add this "Hell's Cannon" mortar to their arsenal of homebrew weaponry.

It looks a bit like an exploding Thanksgiving turkey deep fryer. You might be asking, why does this brute-force hack thrust upward, not downward from the force of the explosion?  As redditor 'TroubleEntendre' points out, the cannon rests on pneumatic tires, which have some give. Presumably "the recoil pushes them back and down, and then they bounce the whole contraption back up into the air a split second later."

Accuracy is a whole other question. But my gut tells me: not much. Right?