That Video of a Drone Walking a Dog Is Sort of Fake

Autonomous drones can't walk dogs yet, but it's fun to imagine it anyway.

Jason Koebler

Jason Koebler

Image: Vimeo

New York City-based entrepreneur Jeff Myers got the math right when he figured that "one topical thing and one cute thing = viral video." Just check out this AR drone walking his golden retriever. 

Earlier this week, Myers posted "Walking Drones With Dogs," and, as you might expect, it's gotten a bit of attention—companies have even reached out to him asking if the software used to program the "dog walker" is real (it's not). Instead, he simply tied a dog leash to a drone he bought at Bed Bath & Beyond (you can buy drones there now, apparently), latched the other to his dog, and flew it around the neighborhood with his phone.

"Goldens are really well trained and I think she was freaked out enough by what was happening that she just went along with it," Myers said of his dog.

Walking Dogs With Drones from Jeff Myers.

So, yeah, you can walk your dog with a drone, but you've got to actually be there with it (or have a first person view system set up if you're really dedicated to the idea) to make it work.

In any case, the video is reminiscent of those drone personal helpers we wrote about a couple months ago—an interesting concept, but not something that's happening in any real way anytime soon.

"The longterm vision was, what if we could make every part of Manhattan have a bike lane and a dog lane—and then you'd have these drones tied to them who could go walk your dog to your mother who lives on the Upper West Side," he told me. "Obviously, it's a dumb idea, but wouldn't that be cool?"

It would be, and hey, you never know. For now, anyway, dogwalking is one industry drones won't be killing.