These Travelers Found a Really Strange Planet

It's called Iceland.

Dec 11 2014, 11:15pm

​Screengrab: Vimeo

​I hate to break it to you, but no one wants to ​see photos or video from your last trip. Hell, I don't want to look at pictures from my last trip half the time. But if you're going to make a travelogue, well, take a spacesuit with you.

There's generally not a lot of reason to watch a stranger's travel movie, but when it's set up as Alex Cornell's "Planet Iceland" is, it's worth your couple minutes. Cornell took his two-week trip and turned it into the story of two people who travel to a foreign, desolate-seeming world and finds that, maybe, it just might be inhabitable.

"It's about exploring Iceland in a protective spacesuit while we wait for more people to arrive," Cornell told me. "The gist is that the two travelers were scouts, evaluating their perimeter and trying to investigate what happened to all the inhabitants. I wanted to capture the brooding solitude you feel in Iceland."

It's full of the same heads-up displays and futuristic-seeming footage that he used with "Our Drone Future," a dystopian short that went viral earlier this year (we also wrote about GoFor, an imaginary personal assistant drone startup he "founded" earlier this year).

"The idea is that the narration is an interview in the future with my older self, recounting an expedition," Cornell said. "I wrote it after I watched all my footage and was amazed how few other people we encountered on our trip. The recap is intentionally vague, as it's meant to sound like an old man trying to remember."

There's not a whole lot more to it than that, but, hey, it's pretty cool, and maybe it'll help inspire whatever the next generation of home movies is. We can only hope.