Watch 'Overwatch' and 'Team Fortress 2' Characters Frag Each Other for Video Game Supremacy

Zarya and Heavy kiss in the new short.

Apr 25 2018, 3:45pm

Screengrab: YouTube/The Winglet

Overwatch is often compared with Valve's similarly class-based (and sometimes cheat-laced) first person shooter Team Fortress 2 since launch, and the beef has been the fodder for nerd warfare since. But what if characters from the two games were to duke it out on the same battlefield? That’s what Saxxy-winning Source Filmmaker aficionado “The Winglet” has brought us in a fun 8-minute Source Filmmaker short called “TF2 vs Overwatch.”

The short starts out with the familiar voice of TF2’s narrator ringing out over the Team Fortress battle preparations. It looks as if they’re just gearing up for a conventional Mann v Machine match—nothing out of the ordinary, even to the novice’s eye. That is, until the buzzer goes off and the team is frozen, gobsmacked, at the sight of a number of Overwatch’s heroes towering over the battlefield. And so the games begin.

The short is packed with fun little comparative moments, such as a hot potato skirmish between Pyro’s detonator projectiles and Genji’s quick deflections with his sword. A battle of subpar sniping commences between Overwatch’s Widowmaker and TF2’s Sniper, culminating in Sniper’s signature Jarate (a jar of piss) coating Widowmaker and asserting victory. And it’s not all offensive play either—we get a glimpse of Soldier and Junkrat sitting back and sharing some booze while watching the battle rage on, as well as some good ol’ Russian gun bonding between TF2’s minigun-carrying Heavy and Overwatch’s particle gun wielder Zarya.

If you’re a fan of either game, you’ll have a good laugh at this short. And if this doesn’t win The Winglet another Saxxy award, I will riot.

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