The Pentagon Supplied Soldiers With Defective Gun Parts That Sometimes Explode

Motherboard studied thousands of military records to determine that in at least 60 instances, guns have exploded in soldiers hands.

Nov 20 2015, 8:08pm

Earlier this week, Motherboard published a year-long investigation that revealed the Pentagon has been sending defective gun parts to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In more than 60 cases, the barrels of guns have literally exploded and, in at least one case, a soldier was seriously injured.

Radio Motherboard talks with reporter Damien Spleeters about how he was able to make sense of thousands of pages of documents from the Defense Logistics Agency and with features editor Brian Anderson about the implications of Spleeters's findings. We also talk about the DLA, which spends $40 billion a year but is little known outside of defense circles.

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