How to Hotrod a Mini Jet With Butane and a Stun Gun

Because why the hell not?

I can already hear overly-sensitive RC purists sneering at the dudes from Flite Test, who recently posted this extended tutorial on how to hack an everyday EDF (electronic-ducted fan) RC jet into a flaming hunk of airborne EPO foam.

Not to say those sneers aren't warranted: In a moment of so-called drone panic, with a global debate mired in so much misunderstanding, confusion, and legal grey areas around what "drones" are and are not, and what they should and shouldn't do, is affixing a butane-fueled jet exhaust to an otherwise benign toy plane, and then triggering its pyrotechnics with stun gun components, really what the pro-RC/pro small-dry drone movement is looking for right now? I'm not sure. I'll hazard the guess that it is not. 

That said, here's to burning expectations to the ground. Fuck it, right? This thing rules, and with a few refinements could totally put that Tesla drone to shame.