Heems Wants 'A Pretty Drone to Take Home Tonight'

The new video for "Soup Boys" finds the former Das Racist mumble-emcee fully droned.

And thus joins the ranks of breakout music blog sub-genre-darling dronewave, from Pashtun drone pop to autotuned drones to paranoid drone hop

It's only fitting, too, that Heems, of Brooklyn's now-defunct Das Racist, decided to drop the video for "Soup Boys", which features intro/outro footage of President Obama being confronted about lethal drone stikes abroad, today, of all days, what with Obama retaking the presidential oath as Lupe Fiasco gets booted from an inaugural party stage for railing against Obama for a half hour. 

But that's totally not what Heems is up to here, all up in the clouds and stuff. These lyrics are, like, sexual or something?

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