Watch This Lizard Ride a Mech Suit into Battle

This mecha-lizard does not give a fuck.

Oct 13 2015, 4:07pm

Tuesdays suck, so here's a lizard in a mech suit.

The video is titled "Toad on a Robot," but I'm pretty sure that's a bearded dragon (a lizard) and the animal in question does appear to be a horny toad (a lizard), according to experts on the internet.

The toad's completely deadpan expression is what makes this. Meanwhile, I put bat wings on my dog for Halloween last year and she acted like she was dying. Useless.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said we were "pretty sure this is a bearded dragon," that is incorrect. The animal is a horny toad, also known as a horned lizard.

"When I first saw an image from the video, I thought it was a bearded dragon," David A. Steen, an assistant research professor at Auburn University Museum of Natural History, said in an email. "But after watching the actual video I believe it to be a Horned Lizard, which are often called Horned Toads. I do want to add that the poor thing is all puffed up; this is one of their defensive strategies so the animal must be feeling threatened, which is understandable given the strange situation it has found itself in. I hope the video doesn't encourage others to set up their own pet reptiles into various Jaegers, they won't like it."