The Selfie of the Future Is 3D Printed

A 3D printing company has attracted crowds at CES 2016 wanting to get their 3D “selfie” taken.

Jan 7 2016, 10:20pm

Image: Nicholas Deleon/Motherboard

You can't throw a stone at the Sands Expo Hall at CES this year without hitting a 3D printing company. But one such company, Shapify, is going the extra effort to distinguish itself from the pack: Helping attendees take 3D-printed "selfies," as seen above.

The selfie is a six-inch tall 3D-printed figurine of the person scanned by the company's array of camera. The scanning process takes 12 seconds, while a print-quality model is rendered by the company's software in 15 minutes.

Now, if I had an extra $69 laying around (the cost for a six-inch figurine), I could order my own 3D-printed selfie, but for now this video (which I can't embed, unfortunately) of the scanning process will have to suffice.