Elon Musk: VW Shows We've 'Reached the Limit of What's Possible With Gasoline'

The Tesla CEO adds his own two cents to the emissions scandal.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and green technology wizard, thinks gasoline and diesel fuel are dead.

Musk was addressing a room full of Flemish and Belgian reporters when one asked him to weigh in on the recent Volkswagen scandal, in which the company rigged its cars to fraudulently pass emissions tests. The reporter asked if he was worried it would cause people to "lose their faith" in green technology.

"I think it's the opposite," Musk replied. "What Volkswagen is really showing is that we've reached the limit of what's possible with diesel and gasoline. The time has come to move to a new generation of technology."

That technology, of course, is electric cars. Musk's Tesla Motors hasn't been producing cars for very long, but it's already set a new standard for electric vehicles that can also be popular. Tesla's Model X is already sold out until the second half of next year.

Musk had stopped in Flanders while scouting European locations for the expansion of Tesla's manufacturing operations. Skip to 0:43 for Musk's statements in the video.