A Group of Drone Enthusiasts Made a Sci-Fi Film About How Great Drones Are

It’s meant to show drones as “technology that has improved human lives.”

Oct 16 2015, 5:55pm

Despite their popularity, hobby drones have been experiencing some backlash lately for invading privacy, stressing out wildlife and interfering with firefighters in California. Now, drone enthusiasts have created a sci-fi adventure film to portray their passion in a more positive light.

ROTOR DR1, coming out on DVD October 20th, is a true community effort. The idea was formed on a drone-focused forum, and soon a group of drone fiends was collaborating via Google Docs to create a ten-episode web series. The group of collaborators then partnered with Cinema Libre Studio to edit the installments into one feature-length film.

As sUAS News reports, "decisions on casting, wardrobe, props, dialogue, action scenes, episodic arcs, general storyline, and the backstory of the cataclysmic virus, were made in collaboration. Community members...were even able to participate in the film's innovative drone race, where real drones and no CGI were used."

The film focuses on a young man named Kitch, and his attempts to track down his father in a post-apocalyptic world. Allusions to a massive conspiracy, drone racing, giant anti-drone guns, and surprisingly decent production value: ROTOR DR1 has all of these.

There may also be some unintentionally hilarious dialogue. "Why won't anyone take me seriously? I'VE GOT A GUN!" Come on, guys: show, don't tell.