Cafécopter, Fetch Me My Fix

The best part of waking up is a scalding cup of robobuzzz.

I recently asked why anyone would want a tacocopter when they could have this cupcake drone. It'd be an epic battle in the business of aerial food delivery to see those two go at it. But when your head aches (often) and your eyes glaze and droop (frequently), if only there were a small robot--a cafécopter, of sorts--to airmail that caffeine fix, then all would be OK in the world, wouldn't it. 

Most any small drone--provided you've got the right gear and conditions, and that whoever's piloting the thing has the chops--could provide that fix. But the HeX aerial robot, as seen in this video, is likely the first to do so. I can't help but be a bit suspicious of that convenient "a few minutes later" cut; if you look closely, there's a landing just a few stories below where someone could've easily placed dude's coffee in the drone's holder before spinning back up in flawless window service. But if the thing actually picked up a streaming cup of mud from the street below? That's some shit, right there. It may not look like much, but do you understand the level of finesse required to pull off that sort of thing? Goddamn. 

The best part of waking up is a scalding cup of robobuzzz.

h/t DIYDrones / George Liu

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