Every Bitcoin Stock Photo Is The Worst

They're all so, so terrible.

Dec 3 2014, 2:29pm

Bitcoin is perpetually big news. Whether it's a hacker with a B​itcoin bounty on his head or just the daily Bitcoin market price updates, there are a lot of stories and a pretty desperate need for images to go with them. Unfortunately, Bitcoin stock images are all terrible: 

Man in plaid opens button-down to expose t-shirt with Bitcoin logo. 

Granted, it's difficult to illustrate a digital form of currency, but the current offerings fall along a spectrum of depressing and confusing. Here's a selection:

Man dreams about gold cartoon Bitcoin logos in a beige room. 

Man from photo #1 puts on a tie and selects a backwards Bitcoin logo over other backwards currency logos. 

Guy who is probably your Dad points at a Blackberry that is producing Bitcoin bubbles to float into his chest.

Terribly out-of-touch business man offers you a physical card stating his business accepts a digital currency. 

Suit-cuffed hands point at the Bitcoin logo, superimposed over strings of binary on an iPad, in front of a James-Bond-villain map of the world

A metal lock on a wooden door is inscribed with the Bitcoin logo, for some reason