You Can Now Read the News Styled Like the Beginning of 'Star Wars'

Daily events take on a new urgency when you imagine them in a space opera.

Jul 21 2015, 4:03pm

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It can be difficult to stay engaged with current events. Aside from the sheer number of stories to follow, the day's headlines rarely compare in emotional affect to the designed production of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Now, thanks to a coding project by Belgian designer Julien Deswaef, you can stay informed and amped by getting the day's headlines in the same format as the Star Wars title crawl, complete with John Williams' iconic score.

Deswaef's project, Word Wars, parses the New York Times' RSS feed and converts the day's top stories into the classic yellow scrolling text that opens each episode of George Lucas' fantasy epic. Videos are then automatically uploaded to the project's dedicated YouTube channel and Tumblr.

The process is only completed if at least one of the items in the Times' feed contains the word "war," which, of course, has happened without fail every day since the beginning of the project three weeks ago, and will most likely continue indefinitely.

Videos tend to be posted in the afternoon, which is unfortunately fitting, since the morning's newspaper headlines are already practically a galaxy far, far away by then. On the other hand, considering the project's satirical take on the constancy of war, the immediacy of the news may be less important than the innovative use of the London Symphony Orchestra to fight the banality of evil.