This Dad Made His Kids Manually Generate Electricity to Power Their Wii

The motors in a rowing machine make a great human-powered generator.

Apr 4 2018, 4:52pm

Gaming won’t make you super buff. Even Wii Sports and the various Wii exercise games are only moderately good for gains. If you want to turn your gaming into a kind of workout, you’ll need to hack together your own home gym.

YouTuber and garage tinkerer Jeremy Fielding hacked together a rowing machine to a Wii, and turned it into the most fun torture device for his kids. When they stop rowing, the game stops. He turned the old rowing machine he found on Craigslist into a human-powered generator, using the flywheel motors inside. By attaching it to the power supply of the Wii (plus a couple batteries that hold a charge for a moment while they swap out rowers), they’re forced to keep the motor spinning if they want to keep their game alive.

A rowing peripheral for Wii already exists, but if you’ve already got a rowing machine at home, why not power your game consoles with it and make your kids take turns getting super buff while they play Mario Kart.