Why 'Mr Robot' Is the Best Show About the Future This Side of 'Black Mirror'

Radio Motherboard talks about our favorite hacker TV series.

Oct 30 2015, 3:00pm

Image: USA

It's been an astoundingly good couple years for television shows and movies that fit into the Motherboard orb of interest. Whenever people ask me what Motherboard is, I tell them we write about stories that are like Black Mirror, but real. Now, I've got to add Mr. Robot to my short list of major series that perfectly fit the Motherboard aesthetic.

We were slightly late to binge watching our way through USA's harrowing hacker series, but now that (some) of us have watched it all the way through, we've got plenty of thoughts. My first one: How the hell did a show like this even get made? That's not a criticism by any stretch—it's just that Mr. Robot is so unlike anything else on TV that it's surprising a network took a risk on it. From there, we talk about the show's realism, its character development, and our thoughts on where the show might go from here.

If you haven't seen the show, you can still listen to part of this episode: The first half is spoiler free, and the second half is for people who have watched the whole series. As always, thanks for listening to Radio Motherboard.

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Note to listeners: We meant Wernher von Braun.