Here Is a Ram Headbutting a Drone

Mountain justice, served.

Sep 2 2014, 2:13pm

First an alligator. Then some coyotes. Now, a ram. Another day, another animal getting hot pissed over a drone flying too close for comfort.

Small-fry drones, of course, are revolutionizing the way we see, study, and conserve the animal kingdom, even if the very act of flying a drone still hovers in legal gray areas in many parts of the world. We've seen everything from anti-poaching conservation drones in Kenya to whale-monitoring drones off the California coast offer unprecedented access and views of animals—and what's threatening them.

Drones let us get close to animals. But then, it's the allure of getting closer, ever closer to wildlife that can tempt a drone operator over the line. Suddenly, observation looks more like harassment. Can you blame Angry Ram for, well, being a ram and charging YouTube user Buddhanz1's quadcopter? 

Really, what did Buddhanz1 think would happen here? They're called rams for good reason. "I got a bit close," Buddhanz1 writes. "Luckily no harm done."

What I really want to know, is if this Angry Ram is the same GoPro-mounted Angry Ram that smashed up that jerk on the motorcycle. The world might never know. Either way, mountain justice has been served.