Watch a Young Amy Poehler Epitomize Hacking in the 90s

A budding Anonymous member.

Feb 26 2015, 7:30pm

​Long before Amy Poehler was a law-abiding citizen on Parks and Recreation, she was a malicious, vest-wearing hacker. Scared? You should be.

While practicing her comedic chops in the improv group Second City, Poehler "starred" in a very strange TV pilot called RVTV where she played a free-styling and fast-typing cyber criminal.

The clip was recently unearthed by the group, and even two decades after it was filmed, it's still strange as hell. The internet, like Poehler who was just 23 when this was filmed, was still in its infancy to the general public. It's basically just her ranting about couch potatoes and threatening to hack shit. Or something.

Not even her co-star Matt Dwyer could explain what it was. "I honestly do not recall where the concept came from," he told Spli​tsider.

We dunno either. We do know that we'd love to see an updated version where Poehler rants about Bitcoin and racially-sensitive emoji.