Reddit Is Voting on the Best Videos of the Year

Users have until December 31 to decide.

Dec 24 2015, 8:05pm

Image: Blake Patterson/Flickr

As 2015 comes to an end, perhaps nobody has a better handle on the top videos that graced the web than the "front page of the internet." Now community members at Reddit can vote on their favorite videos from the past year and choose the winners for six categories: Best Educational Video, Funniest Video, Best Animated Video, Best Vine, YouTuber of the Year, and Best Video.

Theoretically the Reddit community could just sort the videos by the vote counts that already exist, but that would be no fun. There are several set rules to the voting process: users with accounts younger than one month can't vote, and users can only make one nomination per category.

The contest has been open for a week and submissions are trickling in. Under Best Educational Video, we remember when Reddit taught us why bees are dying and how Facebook steals millions of video views. The videos that made Reddit laugh the most include a guy annoying his girlfriend with puns at IKEA and the memorable "Airplane Snore" video.

Users have nominated for Best Animated Video the music video for band Weird Bananas' song 'Back to Basics Bitch' and Animation vs. Minecraft. Up for Best Vine are the SpaceX barge landing attempt and a jumping llama (although I would humbly suggest dancing doge).

Several people are nominated for YouTuber of the Year including VideoGameDunkey and GradeAUnderA. For the top prize of Best Video, competing clips include a whirlwind backpacking trip around the world and short film The Moped Diaries.

If you have a Reddit account older than a month, you can nominate your own and vote up until December 31st.