Watch a Pumpkin Save the iPhone 7 From a 100-Foot Drop

Nothing is scarier than potentially watching the new iPhone 7 die before your eyes.

Oct 31 2016, 3:25pm

There are few reasons why you would even put an iPhone in a pumpkin. One might be to illuminate a jack-o-lantern. Or, if you're like these guys from GizmoSlip, you just want to see what happens if you drop your phone from 100 feet high with the protection of some fleshy orange pulp.

The GizmoSlip channel is rife with a series of filmed drop tests, gauging how protective various objects, such as a watermelon or a flubber toy, were in protecting the iPhone. So in the spirit of Halloween, it was only natural for them to try the festive fall test.

First, the top was cut off the pumpkin so that it could be filled with candy corn as a cushion surrounding the iPhone inside the pumpkin. Next, a small and simple jack-o-lantern face was carved into the pumpkin's surface: two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a rectangular mouth (this, it seems, is just for decoration). The iPhone was kept on during the experiment.

Next, from the top of a building nearly 100 feet tall, the pumpkin was dropped bottom first, toward the ground. The slow motion replay of the pumpkin hitting the ground and exploding is pretty satisfying to watch, especially when it seems the only thing damaged was the pumpkin, itself.

In what looked like a dust explosion, the pumpkin's top and bottom were busted out and the candy corn splattered nearby. Meanwhile, the iPhone itself was still on at this point, its screen still brightly illuminated. Some candy corn was jammed into the vibrate switch on the side, while its screen was cracked and sticky.

Still, the iPhone 7 survived and was otherwise okay, according to the video. Whether it has residual damage, however, remains to be seen. With all the Halloween hype, nothing might be scarier than almost watching a new iPhone 7 die.