Ello Says It's 'Bizarre' You Guys Are Buying Ello Invites on eBay

In any case, I have a couple Ello invites if any of y'all want them.

Sep 29 2014, 6:10pm

Are you on Ello? Do you want to be on Ello but don't have the social network necessary to score an invite to the social network (which may be a sign that you don't need to be on Ello just yet)? Well, dozens of entrepreneurs have invites you can buy on eBay. But Ello says it's pretty dumb to actually pay for one.

"It's rather bizarre people are selling invites on eBay … We don't know where the invites being sold on eBay are coming from, but people should not bother buying the invites on eBay," Rachel Fukaya, a spokesperson for Ello, told me in an email. "If you sign up on our homepage you will eventually get an invite."

I mean there's no reason the invites won't work, but it's not that hard to find an invite on your own or wait patiently for one from the company itself. But if you must be on the site now, the vast majority are going for only a couple bucks, anyway (at least one sad sack paid $50, and another paid $45, though).

It almost doesn't seem worth the effort for sellers to hawk them for $2 a pop, but a couple people have sold nearly a hundred at $10 each, so, more power to them, I suppose.

Fukaya tells me that it's something Ello's founder, Paul Budnitz, has seen before: "When Paul was working with Kidrobot, he sold limited edition toys, that would then end up on eBay. It's the same kind of situation," she said.

In any case, I have a couple Ello invites if any of y'all want them.