We Hope Sega Watches This Sonic Redesign Video

An animator details what went wrong with the Sonic franchise by pitting him against Mario.

Jun 11 2015, 8:30pm

Sonic sucks. You know it. I know it, and when Sega goes ahead and partners its mascot with Angry Birds, it seems like they know it too. Javed, an Australian animator and game developer knows Sonic sucks as well, but the difference is that he has a plan to save the blue hedgehog from himself.

In what unfolds like a somber documentary about the financial crisis of 2007, but about Sonic, Javed outlines a plan that's based on Sonic's sales data and review scores compared to the sales and reviews of games featuring his Italian nemesis from Nintendo, Mario.

His most pertinent point is that Sega should stop catering to the young audience Sonic games always targeted, and instead focus on the adults who grew up with him and now perhaps consume amatuer Sonic erotica.

Javed also suggests the Sonic should stick to 2D, preferably with a handpainted visual style, and you don't have to be a Sonic fan to see that gaming's transition to 3D in the late '90s is where Sega lost its way.

The video delves into finer design points pertaining to speed, Sonic's look, and more, and while you many not agree with every point, it sounds a lot better than anything Sega came up with in the last few years.