Voyager 2 Joins Its Twin in Interstellar Space

The probe crossed the heliopause, the boundary between the heliosphere and the interstellar medium, on November 5.
Becky Ferreira
2 hours ago

Facebook’s Arms Race with Adblockers Continues to Escalate

Typically, adblockers are able to counter Facebook’s updates within a matter of days, but the latest was a more substantial undertaking.
Kaleigh Rogers
2 hours ago
Video Games

John Romero Is Releasing a New Chapter of 'Doom'

The 'Doom' co-creator is back with a free 'spiritual successor' to the classic demon-slaying shooter.
Jordan Pearson
4 hours ago

Why People Are Eating Chalk on Instagram

There are tens of thousands of "ASMR" chalk-eating videos on Instagram.
Caroline Haskins
5 hours ago
Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Putting Edge on Chromium Will Fundamentally Change the Web

The move will allow deeper integration of Chromium and Chrome on Windows, which will lead to major improvements in performance and battery life.
Owen Williams
3 days ago
The Moon

Hell Yeah, We’re Going to the Far Side of the Moon

The Chang’e 4 mission includes a lander, a rover, and a canister of potato seeds.
Becky Ferreira
3 days ago

Our Main Takeaways From Motherboard’s Poll About the Future

Here are highlights from our poll of 105 experts about the marvels and horrors we may experience over the coming decades and centuries.
Becky Ferreira
3 days ago
Video Games

Watch the Trailer for the New Space Western RPG From the Makers of 'Fallout: New Vegas'

Here are all the best trailers that were revealed at the 2018 Video Game Awards.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago

Someone Defaced Website With ‘Goatse’ And Anti-Diversity Tirade

Someone took control of a Linux unofficial community website and replaced its regular content with a NSFW meme, a dox of a transgender open source developer, and anti-diversity messages.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
3 days ago

How Activists Are Resisting a Megadam That Threatens ‘Cultural Genocide’

Indigenous protesters are engaging in civil disobedience and facing arrest to fight the $12.7 billion Muskrat Falls hydroelectricity project in Newfoundland.
Deidre Olsen
3 days ago
Official Seal of Quality

This 52-Page 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Manual Is a Tribute to a Lost Art

Nintendo’s new fighter won’t ship with an instruction manual, so a Redditor created one and it’s beautiful.
Matthew Gault
3 days ago

Scientists Discover Rare ‘Siren’ Species in Florida

An extremely elusive salamander has finally been given a name.
Sarah Emerson
3 days ago