The PlayStation Classic Accurately Captures the Fumbles of Early 3D Games

I don’t want these games to look better than they did.
Samantha Cole
15 hours ago
digital divide

Canada Has 'No Plan' to Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Communities, Watchdog Says

A scathing new report shows that Canada has a long way to go when it comes to closing the country’s digital divide.
Jordan Pearson
15 hours ago

The Dirtiest Place in an Airport Is Not in the Bathroom

A study showed which surfaces in an airport have the highest concentration of viruses, so make sure to wash your hands.
Kaleigh Rogers
16 hours ago
California wildfire

No One Will Admit to Forcing Paradise Evacuees to Leave Walmart Parking Lot

Camp Fire evacuees found community in a Walmart parking lot after their homes were destroyed. They were asked to leave, and no one is owning up to it.
Caroline Haskins
16 hours ago

US Wireless Data Prices Are Among the Most Expensive on Earth

US consumers pay “excessive” prices for mobile data, research firm warns, adding that with looming mergers—it could soon get worse.
Karl Bode
17 hours ago

The Internet Doesn't Need Civility, It Needs Ethics

The civility debate sidesteps how false assumptions about harm online, coupled with the affordances of digital media, encourage toxicity
Whitney Phillips
Ryan M Milner
20 hours ago
sex toys

Can AI Sex Toys Really Learn What We Like?

The fantasy of a high tech lover who anticipates your needs before you’re aware of them is still a long way off.
Lux Alptraum
21 hours ago

Former Staffers Say FCC May Be Hiding Data Showing Broadband Industry Problems

FCC efforts to name and shame under-performing ISPs have disappeared in the Ajit Pai era.
Karl Bode
a day ago

Scientists Want to Monitor Space Debris from Warming Russian Arctic

A MIPT team is building prototype observatories over the coming weeks in Amderma, Nenets Autonomous Region.
Becky Ferreira
2 days ago

Cat Tongues Inspire Hairbrush That Could Help Beat Allergies

New research using severed cat tongues could change the way we brush our hair and clean rugs — big news for allergy sufferers.
Troy Farah
2 days ago

Faking Volkswagen's Dieselgate Apology with the Yes Men

After over 20 years in prankster activism, The Yes Men turn their sights on Volkswagen- making the public "apology" from the company that they say should have happened years ago.

An Expert Explains the Many Ways Our Elections Can Be Hacked

On the second episode of CYBER, Kim Zetter talks about America's outdated voting machines.
Jason Koebler
2 days ago