Does Getting Lobsters High Before Boiling Them Alive Reduce Suffering?

Michael Tlusty, a lobster biologist at the University of Massachusetts Boston, says the jury is still out on if lobsters can feel pain.
Kaleigh Rogers
8 hours ago

Mosquitoes Are Now Vectors for Pollution as Well as Disease

Scientists find that insects can poison birds and fish with plastic they ate as larvae.
Becky Ferreira
9 hours ago
wildlife crime

DNA Forensics Is Helping Authorities to Catch Elephant Ivory Cartels

Scientists have created a novel DNA mapping tool that has exposed the secretive web of ivory trafficking in Africa.
Sarah Emerson
12 hours ago

A Major Bug In Bitcoin Software Could Have Crashed the Currency

'For less than $80,000, you could have brought down the entire network.'
Jordan Pearson
12 hours ago

You Already Own a Machine That Can Play Classic PlayStation Games

It’s really easy to emulate the PlayStation on an SNES Classic, a PC, or an Xbox One.
Matthew Gault
13 hours ago
hurricane florence

At Least 3.4 Million Farm Animals Drowned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Millions more are still at risk of dying from exposure, starvation, or drowning as the Carolinas recover.
Becky Ferreira
13 hours ago

Wireless Carriers Throttle Video for No Good Reason, Researchers Find

Paying to avoid unnecessary restrictions is the new normal in the post-net neutrality world.
Karl Bode
14 hours ago
Space Junk

Watch This Net Capture Orbital Space Debris for the First Time in History

Not only does the net look cool as hell, it’s addressing a major problem for the future of space exploration.
Daniel Oberhaus
15 hours ago
Internet Insecurity

Hackers Steal Credit Cards From Newegg, Researchers Say

The group responsible for the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches hit the PC and electronics giant.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
15 hours ago

Wireless Carriers Now Want to Be the Keepers of Your Website Login Data

But a history of privacy scandals makes them the worst candidates for the job.
Karl Bode
16 hours ago

Turn Off Push Notifications

Notifications are no longer used to notify you of anything—they’re used by apps to beg for attention.
Jason Koebler
17 hours ago
Internet of Shit

New California Law Aims to Fix the Internet of Broken Things

But security experts say it will take a lot more than regulation to fix this particular dumpster fire.
Karl Bode
18 hours ago