The 'Fallout 76' Beta Is Here and It’s Going to Be Buggy as Hell

Bethesda is launching a new game, which means hours of fun, and thousands of new bugs.
Matthew Gault
an hour ago

World’s Oldest Intact Shipwreck Discovered in Black Sea

The vessel is just one of dozens of ancient vessels discovered during a three year maritime archaeology project.
Daniel Oberhaus
an hour ago
Right to Repair

Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company to Sell DIY Repair Kits to Its Customers

As Apple continues to fight independent repair, Motorola partners with iFixit and supports the right to repair movement.
Jason Koebler
an hour ago

Linus Torvalds is Back With Linux

Only a month after the creator of Linux said he needed some time off, he’s back at the helm of the world’s most popular open source operating system.
Daniel Oberhaus
2 hours ago
climate change

This Camera Will Take a 1,000-Year Photo to Document Climate Change

The “experimental philosopher” Jonathon Keats made four custom cameras that will document climate change around Lake Tahoe until 3018.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 hours ago

There Is Plastic 'Everywhere,' Says Guy Swimming Across Pacific Ocean

Ben Lecomte began his swim on the coast of Japan and has already swum more than 1,200 nautical miles.
Kaleigh Rogers
4 hours ago

How Did Nature Form This Near-Perfect Rectangular Iceberg?

The tabular iceberg recently broke from the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula.
Becky Ferreira
a day ago

Artificial Clouds in Shipping Containers May Be the Solution to the World’s Water Crisis

The Wood-to-Energy Deployed Water system pulls water from thin air by burning biomass and can produce enough water to meet the daily needs of 100 people.
Daniel Oberhaus
a day ago

Watch Hackers Steal a Tesla

The thieves appear to hack the key fob’s signal to open the doors and start the car.
Samantha Cole
a day ago

You Can Now Receive Slack Messages Inside a Super Nintendo Game

Defying the laws of God and man, this engineer got Slack working inside an old Japanese SNES game.
Ian Birnbaum
a day ago

This SIM Card Forces all of Your Mobile Data Through Tor

"This is about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance."
Joseph Cox
a day ago
jeff bezos

Spend All of Jeff Bezos’ Money In This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game

'You Are Jeff Bezos' puts the wealth of the world's richest into dizzying perspective as you try to spend every penny.
Jordan Pearson
a day ago