Pig Guts

After harvesting my 10th hog, replacing my gallbladder and appendix, I had a replacement boar delivered and ate some bacon. Can you believe people used to die?
Troy Farah
18 hours ago

An AI Analyzed My Twitter Feed and Discovered I’m a Shithead

DeepSense says it can analyze tweets to see if someone is a good employee. I'm going to need to make better tweets.
Derek Mead
3 days ago

Scientists Just Made Human Egg Cells from Human Blood for the First Time

It’s the first step toward being able to mass produce human eggs using other people’s body tissues or blood.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 days ago

Three Research Teams Account for the Total Sum of Ordinary Matter Particles in the Universe

Accounting for all matter the universe is pretty mind boggling, but it’s not nearly as impossible as it sounds.
Thom Dunn
3 days ago

The Canadian Government Is Going to Scan Social Media to See If You Smoke Pot

The data will allegedly be anonymous, and the government will also look into activity on dark web markets.
Jordan Pearson
3 days ago
Start Rolling Your Blunts

These Electric Blue Clouds Are Made from Ice Crystals and Meteor Debris

NASA’s PMC Turbo mission captured new views of polar mesospheric clouds from a five-day balloon flight over the Arctic.
Becky Ferreira
3 days ago

Japan Just Became the First Country to Deploy Rovers on an Asteroid

The Hayabusa 2 mission is visiting an asteroid 200 million miles from Earth to collect samples. The mission profile involves a lot of robots, bullets, and explosives.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 days ago

Meet the Amateur Rocketeer Building Self-Landing Replicas of SpaceX Rockets

Joe Barnard has spent the last three years pioneering DIY landing technologies for amateur rockets and now the aerospace industry is paying attention.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 days ago
The Most Unknown

What Baby Stars and Meteorites Can Tell Us About Our Solar System’s Past

Rachel Smith studies the birth of stars to better understand the origins of life on Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in the universe.
Becky Ferreira
4 days ago
The Most Unknown

Looking Into the Center of the Galaxy

In episode five of The Most Unknown, astrophysicist Rachel Smith and astrobiologist Luke McKay travel to Hawaii’s powerful W.M. Keck Observatory to explore forming stars at the center of our galaxy.

Scientists Find 'Super-Earth' In Star System From 'Star Trek'

Like Spock's home world Vulcan, this newly discovered exoplanet orbits the 40 Eridani triple star system.
Becky Ferreira
4 days ago

Steam Will Start Moderating Its Forums, But Developers Can Opt Out

Valve will begin reviewing posts and making decisions about what can and can’t be posted in Steam's forums.
Matthew Gault
4 days ago