net neutrality

Senators Question Wireless Carriers Over YouTube, Netflix Throttling

Research suggests wireless carriers routinely throttle video to sell more expensive plans—the kind of financially-motivated restrictions net neutrality was supposed to prevent.
Karl Bode
a day ago
future of food

Jacy Reese Thinks Technology and Ethics Will See the ‘End of Animal Farming’

Scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs are teaming up to push a future of shuttered slaughterhouses and lab-grown meat.
Matthew Gault
a day ago

The EPA Gave Its Website a Pro-Fracking Makeover

A new report from the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative has chronicled the changes the EPA made to its webpage on fracking.
Sarah Emerson
a day ago
sex work

A New Zealand Woman Was Charged for Doxing a Sex Worker Online

This case happened in a country where sex work is legal, but it still illustrates how people exploit stigma and shame.
Samantha Cole
a day ago

Megafloods on Mars Carved Giant Canyons Into the Red Planet

Jezero Crater, site of a Martian paleolake, is on the shortlist of landing sites for NASA's Mars 2020 rover.
Becky Ferreira
a day ago

Targeted Advertising Is Ruining the Internet and Breaking the World

Surveillance capitalism and targeted advertising have become the norm on the internet, and it's hurting all of us.
Dr. Nathalie Maréchal
a day ago

The National Space Council Is Pushing for a 2028 Moon Mission

A potential mission to the moon in 2028 was pitched at a meeting of the National Space Council yesterday in response to pressure from President Trump.
Caroline Haskins
a day ago
earth's core

Rule-Breaking Particles May Exist Near the Earth's Core

The earth’s mantle may house strange liquids that defy the rules of chemistry as we know them.
Caroline Haskins
a day ago
The Weakest Link

With $20 of Gear from Amazon, Nearly Anyone Can Make This IMSI-Catcher in 30 Minutes

Surveillance takes on different character when it trickles down to more ordinary, everyday users. The significance and threat from IMSI-catchers is multiplied when a lot more people can deploy one using cheap tech from Amazon and free code from Github.
Joseph Cox
a day ago
The Weakest Link

How to Tell if Your Account Has Been Hacked

How to check if your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts have been hacked.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
a day ago

License Plate Scanners Track Millions of Drivers to Catch a Handful of Criminals

A new collection of data from MuckRock and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has shown that law enforcement agencies only have an average hit rate of 0.5 percent for automated license plate readers.
Kaleigh Rogers
2 days ago

Real Hackers Tell Us Why They Love the Movie 'Hackers'

We asked a bunch of hackers why they love the over-the-top, cult 90s movie 'Hackers.'
Jake Davis
2 days ago