Look At All These Cool Dogs Who Came Out to Vote

Democracy never looked so cute.

Nov 8 2016, 11:00pm

Image: Flickr/Jen

Depending on your tolerance for dogs in public spaces, you'll either love or hate the fact that tons of Americans are bringing their pups out to vote.

One one hand, election day is hella stressful, and dogs can offer a comforting distraction for sufferers of anxiety. On the other, dragging your untrained, disobedient, or otherwise bad puppy to a busy venue is just bad manners.


Since thousands of different sites offered to serve as polling stations this year, it's difficult to tell what the official rules are for bringing your non-service dog along to vote. While animals certainly don't have the right to cast their ballots, it's probably up to the owner of your local polling station to decide whether they can accompany you as you cast yours.

Still, according to Twitter, it appears that many citizens opted for some canine companionship while they waited in line. (I had my ballots mailed to me, so my own dog unhelpfully sat on my legs as I voted from bed.)

So, without further ado, here are some of the furry faces, listed in no particular order, that were hanging around election sites today.

My dog, Bruna, accompanied me to the USPS box as I dropped off my mail-in ballot.

Okay, I guess this counts, too.

And this.

Happy election day.

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