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    Read Now Tropical Premises

    Tropical Premises

    by Peter Milne Greiner · 3 weeks ago
    Somewhere above Micronesia, Smarti is supposed to be analyzing planetary data. Instead, she's writing haikus and starting to get paranoid.
    Read Now Parse. Error. Reset.

    Parse. Error. Reset.

    by Wole Talabi · 3 weeks ago
    In the future, we'll be able to use lifelike "alters" to stand in for us at work and social events. Just be sure to note the expiration policy.
    Read Now The Prostitute

    The Prostitute

    by ​Max Wynne · 3 weeks ago
    Tomorrow's prostitutes won't just let johns spend time with their bodies—they'll let them take full control of it. And some want much more than sex.