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    Just a 14-Year Timelapse of US Weather Data Scored by Beethoven

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    Brian Anderson

    If only Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.5 in Eb Major would cue up every time I get caught walking in the rain, which of late has proven to be quite often. Until then, I've got this thing to tide me over.

    Composed of 120,900 individual frames spaced an hour apart, it casts a decade's worth of NOAA into an epic short of nature's pitiless reign. It is a sobering reminder that everything is changing, all the time. It is beautiful, almost awe inspiring. I'm through my second pass, already.

    This from user "oisiaa", who made the thing: "Quicktime was unable to stitch this many images so I had to process it in blocks of 10,000 frames and then edit the individual videos together. The frame rate is 60 frames (hours) per second, however, youtube only displays 30 frames per second so you are only seeing half of the data as a result."

    Now can you imagine how many awful on-air meteorologist gaffe's this sparked?

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