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    Watch a $40 Million Iranian Oil Rig Get Swallowed by the Sea

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    Derek Mead

    Oil rigs are extremely complicated pieces of technology, and they have the price tags to match. Rosneft, a Russian oil behemoth, is spending about $6 billion a piece for Arctic drilling rigs. Now, the Iranian platform above is comparatively much smaller, but it still cost a pretty penny. According to news.com.au, that's $40 million worth of oil platform you're seeing slide into the deep.

    News.com.au cites local reports saying the platform was owned by Iran's Revolutionary Guard, and had been under construction for 30 months. Now the structure is lying 80 meters below the surface of Iran's South Pars oil field. No one was reported injured, and the rig is apparently recoverable; Iran reportedly wants foreign aid in recovering the ship. That's pretty rich from a country that allegedly planned on spilling oil in the Persian Gulf to tie up foreign aid agencies and drive up oil prices.


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