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    Sublime Vehicular Poetry: This Is the Russian Dashcam Supercut Perfected

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    Derek Mead

    It's been an intense day in Russia, with something like 1,000 people injured after a meteor (!) exploded in the sky. It should come as no surprise that some of the best footage of the meteor came from a few of Russia's legions of dashcams, which appear to be a (totally understandable) prerequisite to driving on the country's chaotic roads.

    It's gotten to the point that Russian dashcam videos have become their own YouTube art form, but the user who compiled this 13 minute megamix of helicopter flybys, sheep attacks, and horses moseyin' about–not to mention scads of cars spinning around like Mario Kart–has set a new high-water mark in the genre. This video turns near-death experiences and general ineptitude into a hypnotic, soul-tickling ballet that's unrivaled amongst its peers. It's poetry.

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