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    The Most Reasonable Tumblry Music Video of the Week: Why?'s "Paper Hearts"

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    Alex Pasternack

    The whole seapunk/tumblr thing is already on extinction watch (is it tumblrish or tumblresque?) but rapper Yoni Wolf’s frame and heart-hurt lyrics fit nicely into this a series of ironic t-shirts and wallpaper GIF backdrops. “Preemptive nostalgia of the possible but doubtful,” is the song’s chorus, which sounds like a possible inscription on the Internet’s gravestone.

    And then he turns his back to the camera, and faces the real world, which suddenly comes into view. But then he’s back, and as if checking the ex’s Instagram one more time, and he drops his last verse, a nice twist on Willie Nelson’s line. “And always something reminds me of you.” I interviewed Yoni last week.

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