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    Sir David Attenborough Comforting a Blind Baby Rhino Is So Overwhelmingly Adorable That My Brain Has Melted

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    Derek Mead

    I've long had a special place in my heart for rhinos, and doubly so in recent times as they've increasingly come into peril from poachers and the wildlife trade. But this is just taking it to another level: Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist's naturalist, making friends with a blind, juvenile rhino. As noted in the video, it's hoped that surgery will be able to restore the little tyke's sight. But until that happens, I'll be stuck with the image of Attenborough and the nervous rhino exchanging chirps, a scene that's heartbreaking even if you ignore the fact that the young rhino will have a huge target on its head as soon as its nub of a horn becomes of valuable length.

    h/t Smithsonian, Philip Bump


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