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    Semiconductor's Latest Piece of Sound-Art Mines Global Seismic Data

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    Michael Byrne

    Not sure you’d call what Semiconductor does visualization or sonification, though those are the fundamental ideas at the root of the ongoing work concerning the duo of Joe Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman. Really, it’d be the next thing beyond those concepts (and even a little further), where the unseen stuff of nature—magnetic fields or seismic waves or solar wind—is materialized and then transformed as artwork. We live in invisible worlds, so why not create from them? I talked to the duo last year about their ongoing project, while our sister site the Creator’s Project has a new video out (above) on the pair’s work.

    Semiconductor is part of the Not for Human Consumption online exhibit, which premiered just last week, alongside some other great stuff. Here’s the close of Julian Weaver’s curator’s note: “Allowing access, however complex, to a great outdoors where sounds we aren’t aware of, can’t hear, may never hear or know about, exist alongside all of those we know. An extended scope that allows for real, unreal and even non-existent sounds and I hope that the works I’ve collected here demonstrate this in variety of ways.”

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