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    Prepare for the Snowpocalypse with Every James Bond Snow Scene Ever

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    Derek Mead

    Nemo, the latest DOOMSTORM to frighten New York City's legions of transplants from gentler climes, is here and so far, it's been less Ernest Shackleton and more the bummer Florida rain scenes from Home Alone 2. Perhaps I'm speaking too soon, but it's already feeling like the snow we get will be on the short side of the three to 30 inches prediction.

    But I admit I'm still a bit nervous of the snow to come after my mom and Verizon spent yesterday sending me "prepare for cannibalism conditions" texts, and I'd like to make sure I'm prepared for whatever comes. Sure, soggy socks and wet mittens are one problem, but what about the serious problems? Like what happens when a bunch of dudes pop out of a snowdrift with machine guns? Or what happens when my airplane flies off a snowy cliff before I can get in? And how will I be able to shred the hills of Prospect Park if I only have one ski?

    Thankfully, YouTube user ARHCxXx007 (who intends no copyright infringement!) made this ultimate megamix of every James Bond snow scene. The Christmas music and black and white at the beginning is a bit much, feel free to skip forward a bit if you like. But don't skip too much, because this is the ultimate snow survival video as demonstrated by the world's most debonair spy. Now, where am I going to find a ski-equipped Lotus Esprit by the end of the day?