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    Spaced Out: Pie in the Sky

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    It's a poetry drone! It's a solar plane! It's...a single slice of classic cheese 'za mounted to a weather balloon that's pumping EDM out into the heavens?

    Well, of course it is. That's because when Anamanaguchi decides to make a music video the sky is always the limit, and the secret ingredient is always a healthy dash of absurdity. So when Motherboard caught wind of what the Brooklyn-based memewave quartet had cooking for the video for "Endless Fantasy," the title track off their new record, we knew we had be there to see it all take off for ourselves. 

    It's perhaps as low tech as it is four-miles high, though it wasn't without some serious engineering. Dylan Wolf, an engineering student and close friend of the band, made it all happen, rigging up the DIY dirigible with a camera and syncing up its GPS beacon with a mobile receiver on the ground. The stunt is also part and parcel of a budding community of citizen scientists, cinematographers, and everyday thrill seekers taking their inflatable hacks to the skies to gather data, collect breathtaking video, or just for plain shits. Or, in Anamanaguchi's case, to go down in the annals of amateur space exploration as having launched the first ever piece of pizza into low orbit. 

    That said, here's a fat slice of behind-the-scenes comfort, fresh out of the cosmic oven for your enjoyment. Featuring margaritas, tacos, and a brief run in with the law. 

    Go on! Chow down, dude. Just be careful--it's hot.