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    Parody Account Mocks Twitter for Not Suspending Harassers, Gets Suspended

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    Sarah Jeong

    Contributing Editor

    The parody account @TrustySupport is a bitter but hilarious send-up of Twitter’s track record on harassment (spoiler: they are not very good with harassment). Its tweets deride the company for a perceived insensitivity to users by issuing satirical messages in a spot-on social-media-PR voice, replete with emojis. On Wednesday, the account was suspended for at least an hour.

    Screenshot courtesy of @OWSLibrary

    One tweet jokes that users should simply send Twitter’s canned automatic messages to themselves. The tweet has resonated with users frustrated by the current system, receiving hundreds of retweets.

    @TrustySupport was suspended some time in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time), and unsuspended around 5 pm. It’s not yet known why the account was suspended. Given how quickly it was reversed, it appears to have been a mistake—a mistake that might as well be a meta-satire of what Twitter’s Report Abuse system is currently like.