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    A Music Video for the Internet: Spirit Guide's 'Holo C'

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    Via Noisey.com Spirit Guide is a new solo project from ex-Dream Boat dreamboat Sina Sohrab, and his debut video, "Holo C" (directed by CGI shaman Theo Anthony) preserves the coiled energy of a trance build in amber—a tactile synth riff slips through a frictionless environment while Martine's falsetto rides a fluid quasi-dembow groove. Anthony's immersive vision delivers a through-the-looking-glass take on the modern Internet experience. His first person protagonist traipses through a 3D landscape of deserted archipelagos, floating forests, and erotic Skype windows, arms swinging with the beat. Eventually the camera pans back to reveal the perspective of some loser posted with his laptop and a soda—it's you, browsing, right now.