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    Never Defeated, Rubik's Warrior Rises Again to Build World's Largest Cube

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    Rachel Pick


    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

    YouTuber corenpuzzle took that old adage to heart. He’s been trying to build a massive 22x22 Rubik’s cube for a while, but after his first and second attempts ended in tragedy, he swore he was quitting. Well, he must have changed his mind, and the third time proved the charm. Corenpuzzle dubbed his efforts the Cerberus Project, and his finished puzzle makes it “the highest order n by n by n twisty puzzle ever made.”

    Made of 2,691 different parts printed with a consumer-grade 3D printer, this massive puzzle has 4.3 x 10^1795 possible combinations, or “scrambles.”

    The difficulty in assembling such a large puzzle is that the interior becomes less structurally stable when there are so many different possible turns, which is why corenpuzzle’s first two attempts basically exploded in his hands when he tried to turn the puzzle. And even though he’s finally succeeded, he admits the “turning quality” of the puzzle still isn’t great.

    But don’t be modest, puzzler! Be proud.