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    The CIA's Secret Early Christmas Present to Iran

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    America’s falling drone syndrome continues to spread, most recently over Iran, which claims to have brought a stealth UAV down through hacking. That’s what insurgents said they did to US drones over Iraq too, though we’re not so sure. We’re not really sure about anything here, except that the U.S. considered flying in to destroy the drone, and this, as Jon Stewart notes: “Not only did we not find out if Iran was developing dangerous new technology, we inadvertently gave them our dangerous new technology. Oh, irony.”

    But also, not so ironic: the prospect of this “game of drones” not just as opportunities for China to learn more about how American stealth tech works, but as overtures to all-out war. Side note: the big story the early morning of September 11, 2001, before the attacks? Iraq shot down an American drone. — Alex Pasternack