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    How Leo Villareal Turned San Francisco's Bay Bridge Into the World's Largest LED Sculpture

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    Kevin Holmes

    On the March 5, 2013 San Francisco’s Bay Bridge lit up with 25,000 LED lights, courtesy of Leo Villareal’s installation The Bay Lights. The huge light sculpture will be illuminating the bridge for the next two years, giving locals a magnificent display on a nightly basis.

    In the video above, light sculptor Villareal discusses how this project ties in with his previous work, which is focused on building a communal public space. For The Bay Lights, Villareal worked with the dynamics of the bridge—traffic, water, light, air, wildlife—to guide the sequencing of the patterns. These patterns were created using a process known as “emergent behavior”, which means each sequence is unique and unpredictable every time the bridge lights up.

    “For me the most successful art changes the way you see things, you can’t see things the same way once you’ve seen a great piece of art,” Villareal notes. In the two years that it will be installed, it’s estimated that over 50 million people will see the piece in person. 

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