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    How I Got Famous on the Internetz

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    Alex Pasternack

    For one weekend every two years, the viral internet comes together IRL. Yup, it’s as bad as it sounds.

    Bad, that is, in the Michael Jackson sense. ROFLCon, the brainchild of a few Harvard undergraduates, is a biennial gathering of the Internet’s foremost makers of viral memes, their hardcore fanboys, and the net researchers who get excited about them (with a hefty dose of chin-rubbing, no doubt).

    Motherboard was at the second installment to hear from some of the biggest web celebs, those fleeting hits powerhouses that keep the Internet rolling on the floor laughing their three-wolf-moon t-shirts off or whatever: people like David After Dentist, Charlie ‘Keyboard Cat’ Schmidt, “the original Borat” Mahir, Ben Huh (The Cheezburger Network), the creators of This Is Why You’re Fat, Regretsy, FU, Penguin, Stuff White People Like, and Alexey Vayner).

    Beyond luck, a penchant for irony and weirdness, and a keyboard (cat), there’s no formula for getting your 15 MB of fame (or infamy). Then again, it may not matter. On the web, even failure will get ROFL’d right over.

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