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    A Brief, Poetic Statement on Transhumanism via Elijah Wood and Flying Lotus

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    Michael Byrne

    Not sure if this any more or less conventional than Flying Lotus’ earlier 2012 videos—for the title track off his newish Until the Quiet Comes and " and the Erykah Badu collaboration “See Thru To U”—but the most-excellent producer of post-hip hop antigravity otherwise known as Steven Ellison has more faith in the medium than most any other music brain I can think of right now.

    “Tiny Tortures,” directed by David Lewandowski and starring Frodo himself (sorry bud), is expectantly sad and beautiful, a proper analog of the producer’s own slow-motion dance between technology/mechanization and the intensely human: an acid-dream of dancefloors and drum-machines dissolving into embryonic fluid.

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