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    Read Now The Data Hoarders

    The Data Hoarders

    by Joseph Cox · 3 days ago
    In an era of mega-breaches, digital packrats are amassing, swapping, and sourcing leaked passwords and other personal information like any other collectible.
    Read Now When ISIS Hackers Call You Out By Name

    When ISIS Hackers Call You Out By Name

    by Rita Katz · 1 week ago
    Kill lists have traditionally focused on perceived religious deviants and political/economic targets, but a new wave of pro-IS kill lists has embraced random civilians as targets.
    Read Now Uber's Drive-By Politics

    Uber's Drive-By Politics

    by Alex Rosenblat · 1 month ago
    The fights that Uber and Lyft wage in cities like Austin look like local politics, but their actions often put corporate interests above local ones.​
    Read Now Uber's China Problem

    Uber's China Problem

    by Jamie Fullerton · 1 month ago
    The ride-hailing service must contend with Chinese government crackdowns and disgruntled cabbies. Can it win on both fronts?