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    Read Now How Fish Talk

    How Fish Talk

    by Monique Brouillette · 1 week ago
    Fish can make their voices heard to flirt and establish turf.
    Read Now The Last of the Magicians

    The Last of the Magicians

    by George Pendle · 3 weeks ago
    Born 100 years ago, Jack Parsons seemed devoted to reconciling opposites, smashing together the technical and the spiritual.
    Read Now Gambling Online with Satan

    Gambling Online with Satan

    by Emanuel Maiberg · 1 month ago
    Jason Rohrer's occultist 'Cordial Minuet' reinvents real money gaming by exploiting a loophole in gambling laws.
    Read Now The Art of Not Dying

    The Art of Not Dying

    by Daniel Oberhaus · 2 months ago
    Or, being frozen until you can come back. Checking in with Alcor Life Extension CEO and philosopher Max More, who will freeze your head for $80,000.
    Read Now God's Lonely Programmer

    God's Lonely Programmer

    by Jesse Hicks · 2 months ago
    Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God.
    Read Now One Day, I Will Die on Mars

    One Day, I Will Die on Mars

    by Paul Ford · 2 months ago
    I am Uber. I can see my thousands of cars. I don’t know if I am an extension of them or they are an extension of me.