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    Read Now Gambling Online with Satan

    Gambling Online with Satan

    by Emanuel Maiberg · 2 weeks ago
    Jason Rohrer's occultist 'Cordial Minuet' reinvents real money gaming by exploiting a loophole in gambling laws.
    Read Now The Art of Not Dying

    The Art of Not Dying

    by Daniel Oberhaus · 3 weeks ago
    Or, being frozen until you can come back. Checking in with Alcor Life Extension CEO and philosopher Max More, who will freeze your head for $80,000.
    Read Now God's Lonely Programmer

    God's Lonely Programmer

    by Jesse Hicks · 3 weeks ago
    Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God.
    Read Now One Day, I Will Die on Mars

    One Day, I Will Die on Mars

    by Paul Ford · 3 weeks ago
    I am Uber. I can see my thousands of cars. I don’t know if I am an extension of them or they are an extension of me.