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    Read Now When Tragedy Becomes Content

    When Tragedy Becomes Content

    by Carles.Buzz · 6 days ago
    Terrorist groups know how to use a nation’s own culture against them. In America’s case, that means exploiting content farms.
    Read Now When Big Guns Go Down

    When Big Guns Go Down

    by Damien Spleeters · 1 week ago
    The US military shipped thousands of defective gun parts to troops, and knew it for years.
    Read Now The Bionic Warrior

    The Bionic Warrior

    by Matthew Komatsu · 1 month ago
    What's more important for a military amputee who wants to return to the battlefield: advanced prosthetic technology, or sheer human will?
    Read Now The Worst Place in Minecraft

    The Worst Place in Minecraft

    by Andrew Paul · 1 month ago
    2b2t is billed as the largest, longest-running unaltered server in the game, a fantastical world full of possibility and horror, equal parts Rivendell and Mordor.