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    You Can Win A Trip To San Francisco To Party With Silicon Valley Royalty

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    Hey, you all seem like the kind of folks who'd be interested in a free trip to San Francisco for an insider's look at Silicon Valley. Our friends over at General Assembly have managed, likely through some sort of dark art or satanic pledge, to accrue the necessary resources to make such an offer available to you. The whole deal is pretty insane for whomever wins and if the winner is you (person reading this), we're interested in sharing your story (and selfies of you and Google people) here on Motherboard. 

    If you're not convinced it's worth handing over your email address for a fighting chance to win personal tours of Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, 500 Startups, and Y Combinator, then take a bite out of this spicy meatball: You'll get put up the W, which is one fly-ass hotel, and basically whenever you're not shaking paws with Silicon Valley types, you'll be getting your rocks off in the W swimming pool while sucking back martinis so murky you'll have to wear a scuba mask just to bring the glass to your lips. 

    If this still sounds too good to be true, you can check out the rest of the details here. Seriously though, if you win, Snapchat us a pic of Mark Zuckerberg talking to a cat or something.

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