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    Women Fake Orgasms To Have Better Sex, Apparently

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    Alex Pasternack

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    Most of the women interviewed in a recent study performed by Erin Cooper of Temple University said they did it to save their egos, or their energy, victims as they are of anorgasmia. There was also a small group of participants who did it to enhance their own sexual experience.

    “This small subset of women who are faking orgasm for the purposes of increasing their own arousal, actually have higher levels of sexual satisfaction,” Cooper said. “So, maybe we should not be questioning their strategy; it’s one of many tools in their toolboxes for having a positive sexual experience.”

    It’s tempting to believe this juicy little tid bit, in that Nassem Talib kind of way. And yet, in self-reporting their sexual satisfaction, are these women really to be trusted? (Apparently not, says more science, not by their partners at least.)

    From an older study:

    Don’t worry anyway, ladies. Cosmo’s got you covered. (Men, don’t pretend you don’t fake too.)