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    Who Wants to Challenge Dubai's Lamborghini Police Cruiser to a High Speed Chase?

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    Adam Clark Estes

    Image via Facebook / I Love Dubai

    Dubai is a city that redefines absurdity on a seemingly daily basis. Crazy high skyscrapers not high enough? Dubai builds the world's tallest building and then proceeds to explode fireworks off of almost every floor of the damn thing at New Year's. Flight to ski slopes in the Swiss Alps too long? Dubai builds an indoor ski slope where you can go snowboarding in the middle of the desert. Regular island shapes not cool enough? Dubai builds a whole bunch of better ones in fun shapes like a palm tree and the Earth. Police cars not ostentatious enough? Dubai buys a Lamborghini.

    At first glance, that last idea seems a little unbelievable. Actually wait no it doesn't! We're talking about the country with the half-mile-high skyscraper, indoor ski resort and manmade island in ridiculous shapes. The Lamborghini Aventador police cruiser is arguably the most practical idea out of all those. What does sound a little absurd is the fact that Dubai police plan to have a whole fleet of super sports cars. They already have Chevy Camaro that looks a little bit like KITT from Knight Rider. They also count a prototype Toyota Prado SUV and a BMW 5-Series in their collection.

    The big question inevitably revolves around what Dubai plans to do with a car that can top 200 miles per hour. Brigadier Anas Al Matrooshi, deputy director Transport and Rescue for the Dubai Police, recently told the press, "Our selection reflects the value we place on quality; ensuring our force is better able to do its job with the right tools." In other words, Dubai likes nice things. Dubai can afford nice things. So Dubai will have nice things, damnit! (That Lamborghini costs $450,000 — just so you know.)

    In fact, it's not that uncommon for police forces to splurge on a supercar or two for their fleet. Crooks drive fast cars, after all, and police don't want to get outrun. Believe it or not, Dubai is not the first police force to get a Lamborghini, either. The Italian company very famously donated a couple of Gallardos to Italian police a few years ago. Italian police then proceeded to wreck one of them. Don't worry, they have other nice cars too. Check out this Lotus Evora S used by the Carabinieri, Italy's national military police, in Rome:

    Image via Wikimedia / Allions

    Germany obviously has some connections with fancy car companies. In many German towns, the standard police cruiser is a Mercedes Benz, a choice that may seem excessive for us Ford-driving Yanks. But remember: Mercedes is the Ford of Germany. They're a little more expensive, sure, but they also last longer. Plus also too, Porsche. This 993 Carrera Coupe is exclusively for the Autobahnpolizei. Because when there are no speed limits to begin with, you definitely want a fast car for the pursuit:

    Image via Wikimedia / Oliver Lindner

    Police forces don't necessarily need domestic connections with a company like Lamborghini or Porsche to get an expensive European sports car either. For one reason or another, a small town in Bulgaria boasts a Mercedes SLK200. That's a model reasonably similar to the car Steve Jobs used to drive (without a license plate):

    Image via Wikimedia / apoltix

    Absurdity comes in many forms, though. Leave it to the Canadians to use a Volkswagen Bug as a police car. This fine specimen above belongs to the Toronto Police Department, smiling officer and all:

    Image via Wikimedia / Skeezix1000

    But here in America, we do two things really well when it comes to cars: build them big and build them inefficient. We're guessing this Hummer from the West Memphis Police Department gets about one block per gallon. It can drive straight through Graceland in a single go, though:

    Image via Wikimedia / Thomas R Machnitzki

    And of course, for every absurdly large thing, there is an absurdly small one designed for our very overcrowded cosmopolitan capital. New Yorkers will immediately recognize this hilariously flimsy tricycle of a vehicle that the NYPD uses, typically to catch people who jump the turnstiles in the subway. It's built to outrun a human on foot but probably not much else. 

    Image via Flickr / zokuga

    So have fun with that Lamborghini, Dubai. Meanwhile, we'll be chilling out with the Segway cops in New York City.