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    Who on the Internet Took the Best Meta-Photo of the Instagram Deal?

    Written by

    Derek Mead


    Hey, did you hear? Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars! That’s despite Instagram being less than two years old. (As Dennis K. Berman so astutely pointed out, the 116-year old New York Times Co. is only worth $937 million.) But who cares about money, Facebook basically has their own mint anyway. What people really care about in the whole acquisition is taking the chance to show off their totes-cool “over it” sensibilities with meta and arty photos while still showing off their business savvy. Win-win for everyone, right? Well, not exactly. Out of all the people going for the Insta-Insta motif, who captured the essence of that landmark moment when Twitter learned about one giant company buying a tiny one?

    Internet, here are the various styles people went for. You decide who won!

    Sharply Straightforward










    Story doesn’t matter


    News put me on tilt




    Showing off that he reads Dealbook


    Phone pic of a phone pic (meta squared)


    too excited to frame text properly


    Paradigm: tilt/shifted


    Image of text > Link to text




    metaphorical (screen) glare


    Showcasing guy who isn’t zuckerberg


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