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    What It's Like Being Ambushed in Stands of Afghan Hash

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    Brian Anderson

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    Aw, what's that? Still pissing and moaning about having to trudge back to the salt mines after an extended holiday break? Trap it up, Nancy. I'll hazard the guess it's not as bad as taking intense sprays of gunfire while being cornered in a thicket of hashish.

    Now, I'm not entirely sure of the exact circumstances playing out in this video. Where, exactly, in war torn Afghanistan was this band of troops ambushed? And under what conditions were they taking fire? No matter--this video is brutal, in a concussively claustrophobic sort of way:

    It's yet another reminder, I suppose, that where there's war there are drugs. Is it any surprise that some of those returning home from combat, wracked by PTSD, are turning to MDMA for relief

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