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    What Color Is the Most Popular on the Internet?

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    Derek Mead


    Image via Viktor Hertz on Flickr

    According to this Google trends search, red is the most popular search term of the last six years, beating a long deadlock with blue, my personal favorite. I could only insert so many terms, and orange gave a surprisingly solid performance (purple didn't do well, teal bombed), but there's no disagreeing with the all-powerful Google. Red is king of the web!

    How does it break down in the epic, forever battle between red and blue? Well, there are graphs for that:

    Is red more corporate? Sorta seems like it. It's interesting that there's such a huge gap between the top "blue" term and the second, while the red spread is more even. Also, the US and Australia are the world leaders in searches for red and blue. I suppose this trend map obviously favors English-speaking countries, but it's fascinating that China is more or less nonexistent on both.