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    Troll Every Last Snot-Nosed Trick-or-Treater with This Ghost Drone

    Written by

    Brian Anderson

    Features Editor

    If only this sort of thing were around when I was a shithead youth, bent on terrorizing my little corner of Chicago's northwest suburbs every October 31, my few shithead friends and I would've gotten the lesson I now know we all deserved. For everyone out there bracing for a similar, sugar-addled onslaught of costumed pre-teens, Alton Porter has you covered

    The key here is simplicity. Just mount one of those cheap glowy-eyed styrofoam skulls to the top of a small quadcopter, drape some tattered and flowing white garb over the other whole thing, and you're good to go. Spook those little shits. 

    You'll doubtless run the risk of getting some totally square and over-protective parents all hot and bothered, of course. But hey, it sure beats pissing off that other ghost drone.